Why do we do the jobs that we do? What spurs you on?

Why do we do the jobs that we do? What spurs you on?

So much more than a dress…….

I often wonder, just what exactly are the reasons that I created this job for me!!
Lets face it, the hours are incredibly long, and in comparison very poorly paid, I rarely know each day what my role is will be… One day I’ll be the graphic designer, another time the Social Media Queen, the next day or hour I may wear the CEO hat, then I may be the accountant or the secretary, tea girl, etc!! No direction, and the BOSS… well, she is just a slave driver who strives and demands perfection!!
So with all of that being said, what exactly is it that keeps me doing what it is that I do?!?!? 

Just like many people who are self employed, I do very often feel like giving it all up…. go and get something regular……

Then, as always….. right on cue…. BOOM!! Something beautiful happens, I’ll get a photo from a client, or a thank you email, or a card in the post, saying just HOW much they enjoyed wearing their outfit, how much attention that they recieved and that then just affirms that I have created a beautiful little karmic bond there….. and must keep on doing what I am doing, and of course WHY!!

It is remarkable how one outfit that I have humbly created, can bring so much joy and fun…… and create stories, memories, bonds and friendships, that I am extremely proud and grateful, over the years to have attained…..

I have a lovely funny story regarding ‘Sue’ the Gal in the video, read on, I’m sure that you will enjoy it….

I don’t have a boutique, I work from a studio….. I see myself like an artist, my studio reflects myself, Most of my clients are in Europe, overseas, up North or down South….. Luxury Pretty Petticoats, are not really a Liverpool thing….. So usually if I get an actual walk in client that I meet personally, they have usually travelled a fair way and its generally by appointment, and I am TOTALLY prepared and professional…. and so I should be, you might say….

Sue travelled literally 10 minutes to come and see me…. erm…. I was late…. totally unprepared…. but we hit it off regardless….. she loved trying on petticoats and swirling, and placed her divine dreamy order for a party the following month, within 10 minutes…. nothing unusal there……

Fast forward a few weeks, when it was collection time, I thought that she had wanted it for June….. It turns out that it was for July, however, I here I am, as efficient as ever, panicing, trying to get an appropriate date to meet up to get it to her in time for the party…. not knowing it was the following month…… “Ahhh I know… I have a Business meeting  and a bank appointment in your area, we can meet after that” I proclaimed to her, thinking.. ‘Go Me!! for going the extra mile and delivering!!’ So it was arranged, we would meet in Formby at midday.

Why are meetings with your business Bank Manager so long winded? Tick Tock Tick Tock…… 11.55 still nowhere near done….. beep beep goes the text….. oh crap what am I going to do!!

My Bank Manager could see that I was getting a little uncomfortable, so I explained to him what the issue was, and he said “Bring her in here!” Oh how funny it was….. First, I went to the foyer of the bank, and started chatting away to ‘Sue’ and it turned out I was talking to her TWIN Sister!!

“Compose yourself Woman” I’m saying to myself, giggling…. remembering the slightly erratic first meeting from a few weeks previously, she’ll think that you’re completely nuts….!!

I then led Sue, into the Bank Managers office to give her her Petticoat/Skirt!! which she tried on right in there…. unashamedly in front of Mr Bank Manager…… She LOVED it, She SWIRLED in it…… The look of glee on her face was priceless…… as it also showed my Bank Manager the joy and fun that these outfits can bring!!

It was a bizarre morning, to say the least!!

This week, I recieved a LOVELY video from Sue, and I’m sure that you will agree, that it certainly captures the essence of everything that is fabulous about femininity, flirty, frothy, schmoozy, playful, alluring… Did I say SEXY, Did I say HOT!!…. and I am so proud that I was a part of that moment!!

By the way, if you are in or around the Southport area in Merseyside, Sue is one of the most amazing Nail Technicians…… I Nailed U Beauty Don’t you just LOVE the name!! She can be found on Facebook here are just a few examples of her work…. Check her out!


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