Why do we do the jobs that we do? What spurs you on?

Why do we do the jobs that we do? What spurs you on?

So much more than a dress…….

I often wonder, just what exactly are the reasons that I created this job for me!!
Lets face it, the hours are incredibly long, and in comparison very poorly paid, I rarely know each day what my role is will be… One day I’ll be the graphic designer, another time the Social Media Queen, the next day or hour I may wear the CEO hat, then I may be the accountant or the secretary, tea girl, etc!! No direction, and the BOSS… well, she is just a slave driver who strives and demands perfection!!
So with all of that being said, what exactly is it that keeps me doing what it is that I do?!?!?  Read more

Happiness and finding it within

We all know that life isn’t always as rosy as it could be. Sometimes, when we feel like the world is just too heavy, we look around and find people who continue to live fascinating and wonderful lives. Thoughts come into our minds, that can range from anywhere from intunement , jealousy, wishing them well, resentment, turmoil within […]

The Show Must Go On!

On Saturday, 4th July 2015, history was made in Merseyside…! A New Guinness World Record was set by the City of Liverpool… For the Most Models on a Fashion Catwalk! Petticoats~A~Plenty and Christine Collections were asked to collaborate on a special piece of the show running with the theme Mersey to Manhattan… And we successfully […]

Oh Petticoat! You have come So Far!

A Petticoat…. It is a separate underskirt invented originally to give shape to a dress and to provide extra warmth with the extra layers for the wearer… BUT!!…. Oh Petticoat! You have come so far! From her functional originals in the 16th century, the Petticoat has evolved and become more intimate, more lacy, more voluminous, more […]