About Us

Here you can find some information about Petticoats~A~Plenty.

Petticoats~A~Plenty was founded in January 2008 by Andrea Sef.

Started as a hobby, a  passion for sewing and an interest in social media, this ‘hobby’ soon evolved into a flourishing International enterprise, with many boast-able clients placing orders.

All of our Petticoats are created with the finest soft tulle and masses and masses of fabric….. this achieves the maximum volume unlike any other Petticoats available on the market…. And being made to order, there is no end to the colours, layers, combinations and trims!

Our 50’s Style Formal and Wedding Dresses are created from our own Design, using studies and elements of the Glorious Hollywood era whilst maintaining the needs of the Modern Day Woman….

Recreate the opulence and decadence of a bygone time, and feel like a Hollywood Siren of old….

Our Studio & Atelier

When clients arrive at Petticoats~A~Plenty they are overwhelmed by the choice of colours & styles of Petticoats, each one uniquely designed and made by hand for them!

There is always a lot going on with new designs, photo shoots being organised, clients calling in, and orders being designed, created and shipped out!